Unit Dose Bubble Packaging

When it’s time to administer daily medications, do you ever have to ask yourself…

  • Have I already given a specific medicine today?
  • What time should I give this medicine?
  • Which medicines do I give today?
  • Did I forget a certain daily dose altogether?

Lynn’s La Vega Pharmacy has a simple and effective solution for your staff, Bubble Packaged Medications! No more worrying about missed doses or times. No more juggling all those prescription bottles.

Our unique “Bubble Packaging System” is a personalized daily prescription system that is created specifically for long term care residents and staff. Each color-coded bubble pack contains up to a 31 day supply combined into simple to understand packaging so you never have to worry about missed dosages or mixing up daily pills.

And to make things even easier for staff, all your medications are pre-packaged at Lynn’s La Vega Pharmacy into one of five convenient dosage times: Morning, Noon, Evening, Bedtime, and “Other”. Lynn’s La Vega Pharmacy’s bubble packaging system is also tamper proof and spill proof, ensuring optimal medication safety.

We have designed the Bubble Packaging System with certain types of patients in mind:

  • LTC residents
  • Elderly
  • Diabetics
  • Disabled
  • Memory Impaired Patients
  • Heavily Medicated Patients
  • Patients Whose Medications Change Frequently

To learn more about our custom Bubble Packaged Medications, please contact Lynn’s La Vega Pharmacy today at 254-799-4949 and speak with a member of our pharmacy staff. We look forward to serving you!